Welcome to the Northeast Ohio Fish Club

The Northeast Ohio Fish Club (NEOfish) is an all specie Fish club in Northeast Ohio. We pride ourselves in being a progressive club offering all our members not only the normal fish club programs, but spawning contests, workshops, road trips and more. Our goal is to make every meeting exciting, educational and leaving you with the feeling that you can't wait until the next meeting.

Look at our website and see if this club isn't the club you have been looking for. If you already belong to a club, that's okay, think about making us your second club and come enjoy the fun.

We meet the third Friday of every month starting at 8pm:
Independence United Methodist Church
6615 Brecksville Road
Independence, OH 44131



Since part of our mission is to encourage the breeding of aquatic life, we promote the BAP program as a way to truly diversify the knowledge of the membership.


The best way to encourage and promote the science of exotic freshwater fishes and plants is to connect people with the information and to share knowledge.


Through out the year we hold various events both for the membership as well as the general public such as auctions, DIY lessons, and educational instruction.


Attention All Aquarium Owners

An Upcoming Informational Meeting to start a new Tropical Fish club will be held on April 19th at 8:00PM. Everyone interested is invited to attend the planning meeting. It will be an all species club, such as Betta, Guppies, Tetras, Barbs, Cichlids etc. We will look to the attendees to pick out a name for the new club. Current club members are welcome to join a second club.

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