NEOfish Auction Information

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NEOfish Auctions are the Third Sunday in March and September.

For 2018, the auction dates will be March 18, 2018 and September 16, 2018.

Registration starts at 9am, Auction starts at 11am.  Items received after 11am will not received the first table color stickers.

Below is our September 2018 flyer.  There may be updates to it as we get closer to the auction date.  Mainly that sellers can only bring in 5 dry goods items to sell.  Sellers can combine items into one item to be sold.  For example, instead of selling an aquarium, stand, light, heater, and filter as separate items, they can be sold as one item.  This keeps the auction moving and creates items of more value for the buyer.  Also, remember that any item selling for $1 is considered a donation to the club, so to hopefully prevent this, add value to all of your items, especially dry good items.

Also no broken equipment, so no leaking aquariums, no lights without working bulbs, filter parts, etc.

NEOfish Fall Auction Flyer September 16, 2018 Color Version

To help spread the word, feel free to download the two pictures of the flyer to use on Social Media.

We want Sellers to use our Seller Registration form so we can better keep track of their fish, from check-in to sold.  Attached below are two formats.  Don’t just hit print as there are many lines for people that are bringing a lot of items.  Select the number of pages that you need when you print.

Excel – so you can copy/paste in your information and save it.  Just fill out the top information once and it repeats on each page.


PDF – to use when you just want to print out the form and hand write in your information.


All auctions will be held at the:
Pipefitters Union Hall, Local 120,
6305 Halle Drive (off Rockside Road)
Valley View, Ohio 44125
Registration opens at 9 am and the auction starts at 11 am.

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