HAP Point Values

Northeast Ohio Fish Club Horticultural Award Program (HAP)

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3 thoughts on “HAP Point Values

  1. John Chapek

    Josh, I realize you are new so I will explain why it is not here. To begin we were having issues with the web site for awhile. We actually abandoned this one for awhile and launched another one. Work stopped suddenly on that site and the person doing it has disappeared. I have been working on the program since we did not have one and it has been a lot more work than I thought it would be. It is about to launch now that it is about finished and I a have the results ready to submit. I will apoligise for the delay but I really want everything right before we post it I will be submitting it to Brian and a few other people before it actually goes up for proof reading. Then I can get back to work on upgrading the BAP program. I also need to make sure everything that has been submitted is in the standings. In short it should be posted here before the next meeting. John

  2. John Chapek

    Yes this should have been done already, but lacking a suitable place (web site) to put it for awhile I didn’t see any point in hurrying and not having everything right from the start.

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