Board Members

This is the new 2017 board. If you are interested in helping out of one of the committees, please contact us for more information.

Board Members

President: Dan Ritter
Vice President: Stan Jachna
Secretary : Janice Bilski
Treasurer: Jennifer Knarr
Editor: Brian Shrimpton
Membership: Tami Ryan
Board Members at Large Bill Bilski, George Hollister, & Mark Kazanoff

Committee Members

Program Committee: Open
Refreshment Committee: Mark Kazanoff
Breeder Award Program (BAP): Rich Grassnig
Raffle Committee: Bill Bilski
Auction Committee: Dan Ritter
Debbie King
Brian Shrimpton
Website/Forum/Social Media: Brian Shrimpton
Chuck Nowakowski
Bowl Show Committee:

Bill Bilski 

Committees Not Filled

Library Committee
Exchange Committee
Fish Show Committee
Nomination Committee
Editor Committee

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  1. Mailman

    Our Friday was meeting was a success.. Board Positions were filled and the Constitution By laws were adopted and accepted. We are now officially a club. We still have committee positions available for various activities. Come on a join now!

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